Exposé / Mission Control on Xubuntu (XFCE)

I'm not extremely into bells and whistles when it comes to desktop effects, which is why I use XFCE in the first place. However, one of the main reasons that I can be so much more productive on my Macbook is because of the Exposé feature that allowed me to drag my cursor into a certain corner and display all of my current app windows on one screen and making them available for rapid selection.

So I did a little searching and ran into skippy-xd. In ubuntu, installation was as simple as

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:landronimirc/skippy-xd-daily
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install skippy-xd

While digging around I've also seen some discussion about a bug in skippy-xd that doesn't display minimized windows. Here's a fix:

sudo apt-get install xdotool
wget https://raw.github.com/hotice/webupd8/master/skippy-xd-fix -O
sudo install /tmp/skippy-xd-fix /usr/local/bin/

Activating skippy-xd via a "hot corner"

skippy-xd provides us with the ability to show all of the windows. You can apply that to a hotkey through the XFCE's settings, or you can apply it to execute when your mouse hits a corner using brightside. Install brightside using apt:

sudo apt-get install brightside

Brightside wont install a menu launcher, so open it manually from the terminal using

Written on April 8, 2015